Saturday, 24 June 2017

Thanks for supporting our Zazenkai

Thanks to all who made it to our most recent Zazenkai, which was held again in the Collingtree Village Hall, just outside of Northampton. It was great to have people from as far afield as Cambridge and even Birmingham... though of course most of us were from Northampton!

What a contrast from the February day: it was as hot this time as it was cold back then. I've a crystal clear reflection of sitting in the afternoon while a bead of sweat gathered on my brow, then traced its way down the side of my face, tickling and prickling until it got lost in my beard.

Thanks to everyone not just for coming but for your sincere zazen, for your excellent samu (I'm pretty sure we get preferential hire rates because of our samu!), to those who contributed lunch, to those who had to travel a distance... and also to those who bought a round in the pub at the end of the day!

The next Zazenkai will be in October - I'll get the word about in September (I'm away in August).