Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What a difference the day makes

Tonight we sat for the first time in our new Wednesday slot, sharing the building with the Theosophists instead of the Music Appreciation Society.

The difference was amazing - like night and day. By the end of the Four Vows, I felt that I'd done zazen properly for the first time in years. And it wasn't just me, we all commented on it afterwards.

Now I just feel a bit stupid for having delayed the move for so long... while there were originally good reasons for sitting on a Monday night, we could have probably made this change about a year ago. Oh well, no use crying over split incense ash!

So, Wednesday nights it is.

Advance notice: On Weds 1 April, we'll take the opportunity to have a formal sit (robes if you have them) and full service. I don't want to commit to saying this will be regular until our new neighbours have sat through the mokugyo at least once! But hopefully they'll be OK with it (chatted with their organiser this evening who actually looked intrigued to hear what that would all sound like...!), and we may then be able to finally institute a regular monthly 'formal' evening.

So - onwards and upwards.