Wednesday, 12 September 2012

We're on for 17th September...

As confirmed at this Monday's sit, we'll be meeting this coming Monday (17th), and this marks the return to regular weekly meetings. 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Getting back into it...

Well it's been ages since we met... As you probably already know, we're meeting again next Monday (usual time & place), so look forward to seeing you all then. Hope you've all had a wonderful summer!

Personally, I've had some good news - I've been offered a 3-year contract at the University of Northampton in my current role. The longer term contract means that I can finally properly relocate to Northampton with the family sometime in the next couple of months. A merciful end to the weekly Liverpool-Northampton commute!

This will open up some flexibility in terms of times & venues for our weekly sitting, so do have a think on what your ideal would be in terms of any changes to the group schedule. For instance, is Monday really the best night for us? Can we find somewhere to sit where we would actually have some storage space? Would we prefer to share a venue with someone other than the music societies?!!!